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Intimate Info

Wow! Ok, you clicked it, so here it goes: 

Deeply Personal Humanoid Things: 


Gender/ Sexuality: I am gender non-conforming and bisexual. Two-Spirt. Evolved. Enlighted. 

I may be the unicorn you're looking for, but I'm not looking for you lol 

Diet: Vegetarian/Non-Dairy for environmental reasons. The only actions I can control are my own, therefore I choose to vote with my dollars and embrace actions that are good for the humans, earth, and animals. The mass production of livestock in a limited area is none of those. Read labels and make sustainable choices. Demand Hemp. 

Religion: More spiritual than religious.


Recovering Catholic. In my 20's I found a community in Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena, CA. The campus is gorgeous and when I'm in town, you'll find me sitting in the shade of a redwood or walking the labyrinth. I found UU to be a great place to start when shaking off the dogma and BS that comes with organized religions. Sources of wisdom should not be limited. Do No Harm ~ Take No Shit 


Still on a  spiritual journey, balancing my ancestors with new knowledge. 

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