Wow! Ok, you clicked it, so here it goes: 

Deeply Personal Human Things: 

Gender/ Sexuality: I am gender non-conforming and bisexual.

     I may be the unicorn you're looking for, but I'm not looking for you lol 

Diet: Vegetarian/Non-Dairy for environmental reasons. The only actions I can control are my own, therefore I chose to vote with my few dollars and choose options that are good for the humans, earth, and animals. The mass production of animals in a limited area is none of those. Read labels and make sustainable choices. Demand Hemp. 

Religion: You know those people who are more spiritual than religious? Ya, that's me, except as a recovering catholic, I missed the sense of community until I found Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena, CA. The campus is gorgeous and when I'm in town, you'll find me sitting in the shade of a redwood or walking the labyrinth.  


There's no dogma, no bible, and none of the BS that usually comes with organized religion. Just regular people trying to do a little good while we're here. There's music, coffee & cookies, and opportunities to volunteer and join others who want to be more active. The kids have a group where they create and grow and where no subject is off limits. UUs are genuinely inclusive and believe that knowledge and wisdom can come from anywhere. From the pulpit, I've heard everything from quotes from world religions, the wise words of Tom Petty, and ponderous quotes from Sarah Silverman.  Atheist or Spiritual, the full spectrum of humans can find a home here.  

The problem is that we believe your spiritual path is deeply personal, which is great an all, except no one knows this groovy place exists and I know a generation or two that could use a loving, non-judgmental, intelligent community.  

I've decided to make a personal journey of visiting as many UU churches as possible to try to find more answers. 

Please email me if you want to discuss this project further or if you have suggestions.