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Tina Pasadena

Wordsmith, Creator, Advocate

Joyful Announcement

Absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our newest literary outreach program:

    The Bookish Jellyfish! 

a non-profit rolling library dedicated to supporting public libraries and sharing the joy of bookish finds.

The Future for Tina Pasadena

At my core, I'm still a writer and will continue to produce my own work and collaborate with fantastic groups like Poets in Distress.

"Writing the Wrongs" my book of poetry, is available now.


Art, Crochet, & Blended Concepts 

The collaborative journey of Blended Concepts (Redbubble & Etsy) is at an end and all digital art and creative projects will be produced under Tina Pasadena and many will be donated to The Bookish Jellyfish to help with fundraising efforts.  


Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Follow on social media for the latest updates! 


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