Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello All!  I hope you’re having a great week.  For me, having a new craft space has got me working overtime on a bunch of new projects.  They’re not quite done, but I’ll give you a hint: they involve hot glue and a blow torch!  Aww Yea!  
In the mean time, I thought I’d share a moment in mommy-hood that I was not expecting to be so hard, in a word, homework.  We all know that parenting is its own job.  But having two school-aged children and helping them with their homework is force unto its own.  Sitting at a table between my two boys with pre-algebra on the left and memorizing a bunny poem on my right can get tiring.  I don’t remember my parents spending so much time on my work, but then again, I was a perfect child with straight As.  *What is that choking/coughing sound?* 
Anyway, Ethan, my 11 year-old, often has book reports.  Unfortunately, he isn’t quite the voracious reader that his mother is, so he needs a push to get them done on time.  To help, I’ve started reading the same books as he does, so we can discuss them together and he can keep pace.  It’s like our own little book club.  And with the great selection of Young Adult titles out there, I don’t find it a chore at all.  The other added bonus is that I know what he’s trying to say when he does his reports.   You see, Ethan has always had an extensive vocabulary, but as a child, he sometimes mixes his words.  For example, while doing his report on the Hunger Games, he said that Katniss “volunteered to be the prostitute”.  Now if I hadn’t read the book, I might have freaked out that I just let my child read a book about a prostitute.  Luckily, I knew he meant “tribute” not “prostitute”.   
For my darling Ethan, this is par for the course.  Upon meeting a transsexual friend of ours, he quietly pulled me aside and dropped this one on me: 
"Ummm mom?"
"Yes Ethan?"
"Is she… ummm?"
"Is she what baby?" (the anticipation was killing me)
"Is she ambidextrous?"
I stifled a laugh and nearly passed out “I don’t know baby, I’ve never asked if she can write with both hands”
“Mom! You know what I mean!”
And don’t think Zander, my 6 year-old, doesn’t lay down some gems.  The other day he picked up The Cat in the Hat, flips thru it, and says “Eh, I’ve seen the movie”.  WHAT?!?  That book is a classic!  I almost threw out all the electronics in the house at that very moment.  And to make it worse, I have a sticker on my car that reads “The book was better”.  I may have failed as a parent.   
So, has parenthood ever blindsided you?

Oh and in case you're wondering what other YA I'd recommend:
               I'll leave you with this sweet pic of a hedgehog and his books.
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  1. "I VOLUNTEER AS PROSTITUTE!" Was, in fact, my favorite line in Hunger Games.

    One of my favorite lines from your children is, "Why would anybody ever *buy* condoms? I can just go next door to Christina's. She has cases of them."

    *Disclaimer to terrified readers: I work in sexual health education. Not as a tribute...prostitute.